Aligned with the prestigious Alphega organisation as the preferred practice of Chartered Accountants.

With decades of experience and highly trained teams of chartered accountants, the practice specialises in the support of pharmacists, whether for a single shop owner operators or larger multiples.

Headed by Pankaj Patel FCA, the team offer a full range of professional services which include:

  • Providing performance benchmarking data to help pharmacists run their businesses more efficiently and effectively
  • Supporting with the purchase or sale of pharmacies and with full understanding of the quagmire of complexities involved within this type of transaction. This includes undertaking cashflow projections, evaluating profitability and guidance on valuations.
  • The team at Aequitas successfully work alongside other professionals such as solicitors, agents and any other advisors for sales and purchases
  • Ensure ongoing advice to steer pharmacists through the government’s constantly changing rules and regulations
  • Offering supportive operational ideas and suggestions to help maximise sales and tax efficient extraction of profits.

I have seen the tremendous progress of Aequitas over the last 25 years into a considerable firm. Their reputation amongst the Pharmacy profession is second to none for their in depth understanding of Pharmacy. Their staff are professional, friendly, always available to help and very supportive.

Pankaj Patel motivated me to expand from a single pharmacy to a small chain. I have never looked back.


Why Aequitas Chartered Accountants?

  1. Serving pharmaceutical entrepreneurs for over 25 years
  2. Offering specialist advice for all aspects of the industry
  3. Professional associations with national pharmaceutical organisations
  4. The team benefits from continuous support and training in this complex industry
  5. A benchmark that ensures conscientious application to work and ethics
  6. Understanding of clients’ individual situations and needs
  7. Efficient and always approachable.

Pankaj and his team are indispensable for my business. Pankaj is always available on the phone for any business queries or consultation on any anticipated projects. Over the years, he's done numerous cashflow projections which have been invaluable for obtaining finance and predicting profitability.

He knows more about Cat M then most of my colleagues. His team are keenly aware of the pharmacy contract and their quarterly reports track all the facets of NHS income and margin. His team are always on hand to deal with VAT, Payroll, Tax etc.

I honestly couldn't function without Aequitas.


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Aequitas Chartered Accountants - Supporting Financial Growth and Balance

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